Monday, October 19, 2009

nail polish- which are you?

Are you buffed? 
If so,  you are most likely conservative, practical, and efficient.
Do you prefer neutral colors?
If so, you may be the type to play it "safe."  Not a big risk-taker. 
Do you like bold colors, long nails? You are confident and like attention. You may be a wee bit self conscious.
Black nails? You could be the adventurous type. You may like to keep up on trends, feel "young."
These nails? You are out to shock or impress... you may live in another country or culture.
I hope.


Mom on the Run said...

I'm number one. Never use in on my fingernails anymore.

Susan said...

Such a GREAT post...I take notice of people's nails frequently. I LOVE the "ballet slipper" pink, clean, neat and does not show every chip... but there is also something really nice about "jelly apple red" - especially at the holidays, until they chip! Currently, my nails look like I'm a landscaper for a living... NOT pretty! I DO NOT like the dark black I see on young girls... hopefully a short lived trend!

Ina in Alaska said...

I need to quit biting my nails. :(

t.t. millers said...

For Halloween I just got my nails done in "diamond black". It's like a glittery black color. Right now my toes are bright orange. I do like dark colors, but will try anything. When I feel like being simple I go for the french look.

Ronda said...

I'm a neutral girl myself, unless it is a special occasion.

Mrs. K said...

I go from using pale colors most of the time to using OPI's dark colors which look like black. No in between for me- I don't like reds, purples or whatevers