Sunday, November 1, 2009

Victoire de Castellane and my daughter...

File this under, kind of interesting.

Ten years ago my daughter was a model with the Ford modeling agency. Because we refused to take her out of school she worked sporadically, but always booked very interesting jobs.

This was because she was considered to have an exotic, European look. She had black, thick eyebrows and pin-straight blond hair almost down to her waist. She liked modeling, but I think she mostly liked having time with me, without her four siblings.

One of the most interesting jobs she did was a jewelry fashion show for the Dior jewelry designer, Victoire de Castellane. It was to raise money for the Boys Club of New York and was held at The Rainbow Room in NYC.

The crowd was a mix of fashion insiders, high society, and New York movers and shakers. The event kicked off the New York social season.

My daughter and nineteen other little girls/models were dressed in adorable white eyelet nightgowns and then bedecked in jewels. The premise of the show was that a couple was going out for the evening and that their little girls were having a slumber party and while they were gone they went into the mother's jewelry box and tried on the jewels.

It started with them kissing the little girls goodbye and as soon as the door closed with a chorus of sweet little goodbyes from the girls... the girls rush with a mass of giggles to a beautiful jewelry box spotlit. ( really most of the girls already had them on.) Then the girls walked among the tables speaking to the guests and giggling with one another. To me, it was a mix of a production of a Midsummers Night Dream and Annie. It was beautifully done.

Before the show there were meetings to determine which girls wore what. Victoire de Castellane met with each girl and personally decided what she would wear. In our meeting I was impressed with how much time she took to decide what would be right for my daughter. She asked her many questions and was quite friendly.

Even then, I don't think I understood that the jewels the girls would be wearing were real jewels...REAL JEWELS!

As in, there were body guards for the girls the entire show.


I knew that the girls were wearing important, one of a kind, original pieces and that they were worth a lot of money... I just didn't realize HOW much money.

I also didn't realize HOW one of a kind the jewelry was until a few months after the show and I began to see the "one of a kind" necklace my daughter wore turn up in Vogue... and on Hilary Swank! I often wonder who ended up with that beautiful, emerald and diamond necklace worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But I, and now you know who wore it first!


OHN said...

How fun! Does your daughter ever do any modeling now? (she is beautiful!)

S2 has been told he should do modeling work, though I don't think jewels would be "his thing" ;)

Frau said...

So cool! Kayla looks so young!

Ronda said...

Wow, that is very cool! I wish you had pictures of the girls in their white nightgowns. If you do, post them.
Your daughter is very beautiful, and does have an exotic look to her. I bet she could still get into the modeling bizz without a hitch. Very lucky!

Ina in Alaska said...

What a fantastic story!! So interesting and fabulous!! xoxo

Another fun tidbit for you and the readers: The young man in the commercial who searches for the right things for Mariah Carey's dog and who kicks the elevator button and says he just made out with Mariah Carey is the son of one of our friends!!

Pink Martini said...

Fun story! :)

Her Preppiness said...

So interesting!!

Mrs. K said...

julie was taken in by Ford as well- but they wanted to make her grow real fast to fit her in a certain group- with girls that were like 12. I didn't want that so we stopped. Oh well next time!

very cool story

kks said...

that is an awesome story! thanks for sharing....and your daughter is just beautiful...more pictures please....does she still model?

i love that commercial Ina...too cool...

Preppy Coastee said...

Your daughter truly is gorgeous!! That is such a cool story!! Hugs and kisses!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That is the coolest story!!! How exciting is that? And your daughter IS gorgeous...did she ever go back to doing any modeling as she got older?