Friday, October 16, 2009

How it was...

The good:
  1. Great DJ
  2. festive atmosphere
  3. topnotch vendors, from as far away as Delaware!
  4. passed hor d'oeuvres and wine flowing all night.
  5. Huge, huge crowd of "shoppers."
  6. did some great shopping for Christmas!
The bad:
  1. Too many vendors for the amount of space
  2. not organized regarding set-up, very chaotic.
  3. Shoppers weren't actually shopping much...
  4. Too high of a vendor fee considering the amount of space for each vendor.
  5. Food, other than the cheese and fruit was TERRIBLE!
  6. I spent too much money.
The ugly:
Besides my mood?
  1. Barely covered my fee.
  2. My "preppy" table couldn't have been more foreign to this demographic.
  3. The Jersey girl look ( high, high heels, tight, tight, jeans, gaudy everything, too much hair and make-up) does NOT fly if you are over 30. ( personally I don't think it EVER flies.)
  4. I didn't recognize ONE person from my area which explains the lack of interest in preppy anything.
  5. Listening to true jersey accents all night, my ears still hurt!
  6. Feeling snobby, not a way I like to be. I was actually eye rolling all night- I never do that!!!!
The skinny:
Basically all the people that showed up were there to see Theresa and Jacqueline, ( the Jersey Housewives) to eat and drink, hang out.  
90% of the "shoppers" looked like mini me versions of any of the women on the show. If you watch that show you have an idea of why I barely sold anything.
NOT a pink and green crowd... at all.

As for the housewives, their "people" set up their booths and the housewives showed up an hour into the event. They seemed very nice, took pictures with people all evening while their minions worked their booth. Theresa's daughter, Gia?, was there and was very tiny and cute. That's all the dirt I have on them :)

So even though this event was held in the most preppy of towns, Ridgewood, NJ ( they refer to themselves as "The village of Ridgewood!) the crowd that attended was as far away from preppy as you could ever imagine.
I did not belong there.
Lesson learned.


preppyinnewengland said...

WoW! What a let down after all your hard work.
I grew up in New Jersey and visit family quite often! No, they don't dress like that...(LOL)
But they do have the funny accent!
Yes, Mr. Baahhston does complain about that! He should talk!

Well maybe you will be a winner of my Angela Moore Halloween giveaway! So stop on over!

Suburban Princess said...

I wonder what the townsfolk thought when all of that big hair arrived en masse!

Ina in Alaska said...

Oh you were so excited!! That snobbiness is just terrible, but what a super post. Love your ending, "lesson learned" xoxo

Feener said...

it scares me to think of all those people in such a concentrated space....

do you smell sandbox totes ???

Ronda said...

Oh I'm sorry. That makes me sad. What a bummer for you, you were so excited to do this event.
Now I'm glad I didn't trek all the way there, I don't do well with snobs at all!


Mom on the Run said...


Paula said...

I've never been around the NJ housewife type, but after reading your description, I see that I'm not missing a thing! Sorry that your sales weren't what you wanted.