Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sixty-five roses

Betcha didn't know that sixty-five roses is an easy way to teach a child how to say, cystic fibrosis.

I didn't either.

I learned that today from reading our good family friend, Somer Love's blog.

Somer was diagnosed with CF as a toddler and somewhat miraculously just celebrated her 30th birthday.
You didn't know? I guess you didn't see the two billboards in Salt Lake City celebrating that fact!
 ( Somer is one popular girl!)

Years ago, most people with CF did not even make it out of their teens. Thanks to research and science people like Somer are living longer and longer, Thank God.

Somer is contributing to the cause by selling the necklace pictured above, 65 of them to be precise. The story of the necklace and the ways and means to get one are located at her magnificent blog,

I suggest you visit her blog, you'll be glad you did!


Somer Love said...

Thanks Patty! Santa might need to order your necklace for you they are going quick :) Thank you for linking my blog and for all your love and support! I just love you and your fam! Xo

Pink Martini said...

What a beautiful necklace and story. Thank you for sharing this today. :) xoxo

OHN said...

Somehow her blog got dropped from my list and I didn't notice :(.

I just sent the Etsy designer a question about possibly using it as a charm on my bracelet.

We all need to appreciate our good health and not take it for granted!

Joyce said...

I worked one of their big galas here in Chicago years ago. This was the first time I heard the story of 65 roses. Thanks Patty! xoxo

Ina in Alaska said...

Ironically, our daughter Lizzie (lives in SLC) knows Somer! Small world indeed. Somer's blog is so sweet and we love her pugs too! xoxo

bethannhappy said...

I happened upon your blog while looking for some cute preppy decorating ideas for my home. I kept reading for a while, and as soon as I saw the 65 roses pendant, I knew what it meant...because I have two sons with CF. Thank you for including Somer's link!