Sunday, April 5, 2009

What's up with me?

Well, I'm kinda loving Face book right now.
There I am with friends at a graduation party, I want to remind you ( and my children) that the drinking age was 18 then!

Anyway, I am sooo connecting with old friends that I was too lazy/busy to connect with before. Why, it's like a class reunion every week! This is a new Phenomenon, because I have been on FB for awhile now and it's like everything changed the last couple of months. New people every day are joining and I am seriously loving it.
So there.
What do you think? Are you reconnecting?


Susan said...

YES....did you read my blog yesterday? I'm having a great time with it too... people out of the woodwork!

OHN said...

I am too much of a weenie to even get a facebook. There really aren't many people from then that I would want to reconnect with. I went to a snotty private school and after graduation, I walked away and hardly looked back.

I still feel like the 15 year old "loser" at the "loser table" in the

Ina J Offret said...

Preppy! What a great picture! I presume you are on the far right? Anyway, I rarely check FB because I spend already way too much time with the blog and bloggers.

Tracy said...

I'm addicted to facebook too. I can't touch my computer without checking facebook.

Joyce said...

P- I too was able to drink when I was 18. Hmmm... shortly after they raised the drinking age. I wonder if it was my class that did it. LOL... Great pic of you! xoxo

preppyplayer said...

Susan- i have to catch up on you!

Ohn- I find that hard to beleive- far too funny and witty to be a big L. I thought I felt the same way as you do, but it has been thrilling to connect with "kids" from grammar school or the neighborhood.
Ina! I am the girl on the far Left! I will post some more oldies.

Hi Tracy, I check in every day too.

Joyce, I know they changed the law soon after my class began to drink legally!

Frau said...

Great picture! Love the wall paper . So if they raised the age were you a grandfather clause or did you then have to wait until 21? Just curious?

Mom on the Run said...

I've found some really fun college friends, a couple of sorority sisters and my best friend from age 3 on up (we didn't lose touch, we just didn't communicate much).

It's been really fun. We also have an active fb bunch from church and another active group of neighbors.

The best part is that I "talk" to my brother almost everyday. Since he's eight years younger than I am, we really never had much in common. Surprisingly, we find now that we're much more alike than we every knew despite him being a liberal newspaperman and me being a moderately conservative housewife in the Bible Belt.

Glad you're having fun!

Caffeine Court said...

I love FB! It's a total time sucker, but reconnecting with old friends is priceless.

Ronda said...

Hi, yes, all of our classmates are reconnecting too. People do come out of the wookwork, I agree. The president of our class recomended we all join FB at our last reunion (30th!) to keep in touch. Now we are connected again, and some who weren't connected in H.S. are now with FB. I admit it is fun to check in once in awhile, but I can see how you could spend days on end, looking at everyone and there pictures!

Ronda said...

P.S. I think we had that same wallpaper in our upstairs hallway!:)