Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Potential Coach Gifts?

Coach gifts are a big part of my business. I sell them on my website,, and when I am on the road vending.
I am considering selling these candles, the price would be $12.
 Do you think these are a good gift for a coach? Do you think the price is right?

Thanks for being a part of my market research :)


Frau said...

I think so, plus I think poeple that have kids that play those sport will like them.

OHN said...

All of my kids coaches have been men and I don't see them being thrilled with a candle (unless it is stuck on top of a case of beer).

(But, if they smell terrific, I can see the teen girl athletes grabbing them up!)

t.t. millers said...

I think this is a great idea! Get a hockey one for me!! hee hee

Susan said...

I'd give it a try...I'm a BIG candle person, so it would be a hit here... if Phil got one with a trout on it...he'd think it was pretty cool.... nice to see something different! (how many picture frames can you give to a coach)???

~CC Catherine said...

Preppy, I love these candles! What a great gift idea! ~CC Catherine