Thursday, April 9, 2009

Always be prepared!

It is the scout motto.
And I do feel so much better when I am prepared.
At this time of the year, April, I like to be ready for any type of weather. I try to keep a bin in the back of my car with:
extra waters,
bug spray,

Because we are on fields watching games every weekend we are exposed to the elements.
And, the elements are constantly changing!

Now, ask me if I am prepared for Easter.
Well, I'm not.
Got to get on that, fast.


Ronda said...

We are in Maryland for the week, and as for Easter, it was just going to be 5 of us. Well, that has changed, we are now having 22! I'm slowly getting prepared.

Susan said...

Easter crept up this year... Thank God it's an easy holiday to prepare for! Will you be going to GA? I'm serving at 10 AM...

Frau said...

Just found out all the stores are closed tomorrow because it is Easter Friday and closed Sunday and Monday for Easter Monday. I havent bought my Easter dinner yet I was going grocery shopping tomorrow uhg! I'm sure Saturday all the meat will be gone. Frozen pizza it is.

OHN said...

What? Easter is THIS weekend? Uh-oh :)

Hey preppy...I had an idea for a new product for your line (as I just ordered one from a local vendor). How about good quality sport umbrellas?

It seems that it is always raining, snowing or the sun is blistering hot at any field we are on!

preppyplayer said...

Ronda- Have so much fun, it seems like your place in Maryland is perfect for that size group.

Susan- 10am-see you there.

Frau- Get on your bike and get some Ham!

Ohn- Sport umbrellas are perfect. Right now I only sell themed for equestrians and dancers. I am always on the lookout for "preppy" big ones though. Thanks for reminding me... maybe I will do a lime green with pink preppy player on them!

Joyce said...

Easter did come fast. I'm sure you will be able to whip something up fast. I love the list of things you carry in your car.xoxo