Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My spring/summer uniform

I am a creature of habit.
 As much as I would like to think of myself as spontaneous, wild and creative...
It just ain't so.
I tend to wear the same uniform, depending on the season.
 ( winter- turtleneck, jeans, boots-remember?)

As soon as the weather becomes warmer you will find me in tennis clothes or clothes that might as well be tennis clothes. Luckily I have a business where I work from home and even if I am vending or visiting customers it is usually at sporting events or at sports stores.
So, my "sporty" uniform is fine.
I have to say that I am always comfortable and feel put together- just not too stylish or trendy.
Sporty and preppy though, but that's me :)
I usually have a hat to protect from the sun and to tame my wild, curly hair on hot, humid days. I try to wear the Lax Lab hats I sell. You know, walking advertisement!
Any type polo works for me when I am visiting customers. I am really loving the Joules polos right now. I think it is because I am getting ready for the horse shows and they are practically a uniform for the horsey set.
For tournaments and around town during the heat of the summer I love the tanks from Athleta. They are long enough so that if I raise my arm no one will see a white tummy and the straps are wide enough that my bra straps don't show. ( I do not like my bra straps to show, although I know the young girls don't mind- why do I? It's another post!) I also love all the colors offered.
Ok, this skort from Athleta  rocks! It's long enough that my big butt isn't hanging out and  there is a little Lycra to hold my tummy in. It fits so well and is very flattering,
 (read-makes me look thin)
Merrells. I will buy stock in this company. The MOST comfortable sandal. Like a sneaker and sandal in one. 

Do you have a uniform or go-to outfit?


Pink Martini said...

Yes! I thought I was the only one that referred to it as such! Capris, tee, Steve Madden sparkly sandals or flip flops because I am the boss like you and can wear anything I like. Love your picks. I have always wondered about the clothes from A. but have never purchased any. I am not a hat wearer but I get my hair straightened for the summer and love it. We are pretty casual in the OC.

Ina J Offret said...

1. You do not have a big butt. I think you are just perfect!
2. Love the Athleta tank and the Merrells

I like to wear a black warm up pants and matching jacket both of which have a white stripe down the leg and sleeve. And Merrell slip ons. xoxo

Ronda said...

Shorts, cute top or tank, flips-flops usually daily. Capris and sandles if we go out. Most days in the summer in Maryland, just hanging on the dock with swimsuit & cover-up.

Frau said...

Jeans and tee's and sweaters and my clogs currently not sure what the summer will bring.

Somer Love said...

I have the most amazing sun dress that I can't wear enough!!! I need to take it to a seamstress and see if she can duplicate it in other colors. It is SO comfy and so Easy! I love it!

Joyce said...

Keens and Merrells are my kind of shoes. I used to wear heels at airport haven't really since except for going out and even then verrrrry low heel. Fall-winter and spring I LOVE my sweatshirts and hoods and jeans. Summer is capris, t-shirts, shirts and shorts. xoxo

Reenie said...

Polo shirts or tank tops paired with an a-line knee length skirts made of summery fabrics like linen or pure cotton, shoes either rainbow flip flops or ballet flats, depending on what I'm doing and on the outfit. I also wear sundresses an awful lot.

Anonymous said...

Summertime is polo shirt, cotton cardigan if in A/C, khakis, khaki skirt or denim skirt, sometimes capris. Just like you Miss Preppy, all the better to show off the merchandise!

Sheryl said...

Winter time I love to wear sweats and sweat shirts - summer shorts tshirt maybe a tank and noooo shoes.

I too am a creature of habit.

CashmereLibrarian said...

Ah, thanks for the Athleta endorsement. I've been meaning to order from them, but haven't--looks like it will be a good investment!

Caffeine Court said...

Great to know about the Athleta tanks. I'll definitely order some!!

Winter, jeans, chocolate brown Uggs, turtleneck sweaters in Navy, Grey or Brown. Summer. Tennis skirts, flip flops, colorful tees and tanks.


Anonymous said...

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