Monday, April 13, 2009

Before Vera Bradley? Pierre Deux of course!

I am an unabashed francophile.

 It's true.

I love anything and everything french, well maybe not their politics...

Anyway, before Vera Bradley there was and is,  Pierre Deux.  

A  brief history of Pierre Deux:

"In 1967, a shop opened in Greenwich Village in New York City that would soon bring the beauty of French Country decor to America. The shop was opened by two men: Pierre Le Vec, an American of French background, and Pierre Moulin, a native Frenchman. Their passion for French art de vivre and the French country way of life drove them to establish Pierre Deux as a name synonymous with French Country décor in America."

"Their antique furniture imported from the provinces sold well, but the curtains, pillows and fabrics they used to accent the furniture sold spectacularly."

I have loved their handbags for years and actually owned many. Unfortunately they couldn't compete ( in my mind) with the many, many different designs offered by Vera Bradley. But now that Vera Bradley is a bit overdone, ( I think) I find myself coming full circle back to Pierre Deux. Especially since I'm thinking that my new kitchen (fingers crossed) will be a bit french country!

I think this pocketbook would be perfect as a neutral bag this summer.
J'adore toile!
I love patterned shades, where to start?
My ideal settee on a perfect rug, with THE best cushion and pillows...


Her Preppiness said...

Love, adore and cherish Pierre Deux!!!! I have many duffels of theirs and I cherish them!! I continue to buy things from them too!!!

Kate said...

Love the toile chairs!

Frau said...


Ronda said...

Very pretty! I love French patterns too! I hope you hade a beautiful Easter!

Mom on the Run said...

It's funny that we only like the Vera Bradley patterns that resemble the Pierre Deux bags (Classic Black, Nantucket Navy, Medallion and some other old patterns from the early 1990's). When J1 spent her first summer in Toulouse, she said she thought that she saw a bunch of VB knockoffs everywhere, but then I told her, "Sweetie, VB is the knockoff of Pierre Deux!" My first boss in Atlanta had a sister who owned a totally preppy boutique and that was the first time I ever saw PD bags and it was love at first sight!

Love the PD catalog....those fabrics--to die for!

Joyce said...

The toile chairs will be perfect for style you are going for. I hope when the time comes you will share with us the journey of the kitchen facelift.

How are the party plans coming along? You are down to the wire. Yahoo... it will be fun...


Ina J Offret said...

Hi Preppy!! Love the designs in this post. Am catching up with you (from the library with my trusty laptop).... not easy to keep current on my fave blogs from the iPhone. Can be done, but the screen goes dark, etc. And hard to comment (which I love to do) Anyway, all is well, but rainy, down the Shore!! Just made my car service reservation for Saturday morning.... xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Fact: we knew very little at all about Pierre Deux prior to your post! Thank you for the tip, we have been to the website and bookmarked it! Did you see how incredible the prices are on their fabrics?

BTW, we are over the Vera thing as well, for a variety of reasons, one reason we continue seeking the perfect bag line for the site.

Thanks Miss Player!

rachel said...

soo i love the toile lamp shades because they would match my new room perfectly so u have to tell me where u found them :)

preppyplayer said...

Her prep, the tablecloths are to die for!

Kate- me too!
Frau, knew you would like!
Ronda- I did, thanks!

MOTR- I have explained to many that Pierre Deux is NOT a knock-off as well.

Joyce- I will share and hopefully soon- I want a new kitchen. Az. is fast upon us :)

Ina- it must be hard without your own laptop- hey! I thought you were getting a smaller one sent...not yet?

Rachel- there is a store in Ridgewood that sells these. Thanks for leaving a comment xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing up Pierre Deux. Pierre M. and Pierre L. were the first and the best. I worked for them as their furniture restorer and I built many reproductions for them that were featured in the book. Piere Moulin built a shop for me to work in. This was a great company and effort. We-the company built a beautiful French chateau on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills which became their showcase for their western regional sales. This was managed by Mr. Stephen Jaivass and mother Mary whose great creative energy made the company memorable even though nothing of it exists today.

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