Friday, April 3, 2009

Vending at the Hampton Classic...

The Hampton Classic... it is so tempting.
If I were a vendor there I would do very well.
The pros-
 My price point is low, my items are preppy, sporty, and fun. I would fill a need as not everyone wants to spend tons of money on tack, riding apparel, and high end jewelry.

The cons- 
8 day commitment, $3,000. price tag, would have to pay for a hotel room in the Hamptons
 ( that I will only be in for 8 hours to sleep) and what if it rains all week?

I would have to make A LOT of money to make it worth it and is that possible with my price point? I know I would love selling there because I really enjoy selling at the Garden State Horse show.

Ideally? Magically? If it were possible to come in for just the weekend and sell. Or if someone would share a booth. Or if they had a rate for people like me, so that the classic would have items for every price point.

What do you think? Have you ever been and if so- Do you think it is worth it?
Please let me know- don't be shy :)


Frau said...

I think if you could share a booth and hotel than it would totally be worth it.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

It might be fun if you could share a booth and hotel room. Then at least you would have someone to talk to over the week too.

Joyce said...

I am with the others if you can share a booth go for it, same for the room. As for me I would need to have my own room to just veg and have my space. Oh, oh does that sound like I have space issues?!! Hugs... xoxo

Pretty Preppy Monograms said...

Would love to chat with you about this. Haven't done it before. Just sent you a long email with all my info.