Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

 Here are some random Earth Day thoughts,

Being a child of the 60's/70's,  Earth Day was a big thing for me growing up. 
I was ten in 1970 on the first Earth day. 
We lived in Seattle. I remember that before there became a public consciousness of our earth and pollution, it used to be  perfectly acceptable to throw garbage out the window of a car or if you were walking down the street. It was normal to see garbage on the side of the road or on the highway. 
Isn't that so hard to believe now? 

 I love that another word used for our Earth is Gaia, named after the Greek supreme goddess of earth. 
Or that we refer to earth as "Mother Earth."

And I LOVE that Google, as usual reminded me to think about this today.
Happy Earth Day!


Susan said...

I think it will be a common "blog" today.... Celebrating our Planet Earth... I hope so!

Ronda said...


Ina J Offret said...

Gorgeous header!! Love it!!

Beth Dunn said...

Happy Earth day to you too!

Joyce said...

I love your header. I'm going to the nursery later to celebrate Earth day by picking up some dirt. xoxo

preppyplayer said...

Thanks ladies! Enjoy the day!

Kim said...

hey, we are the same age! i'm sure you know that gaylord nelson started earthday and he is from wisconsin