Monday, April 6, 2009

Reva ballet flats- I might give in!

Over and over I have heard that the Tory Burch Reva Ballet flats are comfortable and they better be at $195. I have resisted even trying them on because of the price.

But, I had begun to notice that I liked the look of them. They look nice with jeans, dress them up, in a preppy way.
Then, I started to think how nice they would look with capris and a polo or button down...
Then I tried them on. 
Got to have them. 
It isn't easy to find comfortable flats because they can be...too flat. I need a tiny heel and they cannot pinch. 
The Reva has a tiny heel and it does not pinch.
If I were to buy the Reva, let's just say, I am stuck between the gold buckle 
and the black buckle. Oh and I am stuck on the price, way too expensive.
Give me a couple of days to rationalize...


Reenie said...

GAH! I'm jealous. I've been in love with the Reva flats since I was sixteen and realized that I was too tall for stilettos and started realizing that flats could also be fabulous.

Rationalize it by merely saying you deserve's something that we have to do for my mom all the time. When she bought her Chanel sunglasses Mary and I actually stood for a half hour telling her "You've wanted them for years, you're going to have them for years. YOU ARE WORTH IT!" And so are you, you deserve the shoes, because you deserve the shoes.

preppyplayer said...

Reenie you would be sooo dangerous to shop with :)
You're such a nice girl!

Frau said...

Get them!

Kim said...

i like the first go girl! even though i could afford, i would never spend that kinda $ on shoes....but i am not a fashionista like you! :)

OHN said...

The gold buckle. It "pops" and says you have arrived :)

(The above statement is from a woman that lives to be barefoot and even owns what the hell do I know?!)

Anonymous said...

I bought the one without the gold buckle...i like the look of it. :)

Ina J Offret said...

LOVE the patent leather ones.... but here is a good rationalization..... kitchen redo, kitchen redo.... :) I am not one to talk. I just ordered a new laptop. My current one is ancient.

Ronda said...

I agree, you deserve the shoes. I love the ones with the gold buckle, they just have that added touch, even though they are both nice. They are expensive, but almost everything is today! Have you seen the price of good jeans lately?

EntertainingMom said...

blog hopping and landed here! A nice place to land. I have the Reva flats in silver. Got em a couple of years ago when I had a BIG Birthday and somehow ended up with lots of cash as gifts so I decided to treat myself. I LOVE my silver flats. Look great all year round... great with jeans, both faded and new... great with little black pants and amazing in the summertime with a flowy skirt or dress and a tan! However, I do find that the back does pinch a bit. But I put up with the pain to look cute ;)

preppyplayer said...

frau- you are a trouble maker!
Kim- i find it hard to spend too much on shoes too...
OHN- you are too funny!
Mrs. K- that is the pair that always catches my eye.
INA- Kitchen, kitchen, Kitchen- so true.
Ronda- I think you would be dangerous to shop with too!
Entertaining Mom- Thanks for visiting! I like your blog too. And, I think I might go up a 1/2 size so that they don't pinch... I didn't feel it trying on but after time I might feel it.