Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scout Bags? I have them!

The Scout bags, especially the Four Boy bag above, are my hottest items at this time of the year. These are the type of bags that people stop you on the street or beach and ask, 
"Where did you get that bag?!"

If you are interested in ordering, ( I have all the designs available) please email me at:
shipping is $5.00, that's it! So $45 for this big boy beauty!
to see more designs, click here.

The  Scout Four Boys bag, named because the designer said he could fit all four of his little boys in the bag, is immensely popular as a beach bag, sleepover bag, college duffel, bag to transport linens and bedding to beach and country homes.

It comes in many designs, is water resistant and indestructible. It weighs very little and because of that is very inexpensive to ship.

I do not carry these on my websites, for now, but I am fully stocked and can easily ship to any destination. If you are interested in these bags, please email me and I can send you images of all designs available. 

I take Master card and visa :)


OHN said...

Hey you know the dimensions? You can send all the info to my email if that is easier...(I would like to see the other designs too:) will try to remember to look there :) (if you have my "real" email, feel free to use that, I just don't want to post it here:)

Reenie said...

I use mine for my hamper at school. It's great because I can carry it like a suitcase and actually fits in car trunks unlike collapsible hampers

Her Preppiness said...

Please email with with what bags you have. I love them.

Frau said...

I want one, can you email me the pictures of styles and do you mind bringing it to AZ and I will pay you there?

preppyplayer said...

Ladies, I am going to do a post as there are too many designs to email- I realize now that they would take forever to load!