Monday, December 29, 2008

A warm welcome...

Just want to say welcome to new readers and friends.
 I have enjoyed this blog for so many reasons, utmost- the lovely people I've met and feel as though I know so well. I've been able to stay in better touch with my sister in Germany, learn about other places, (such as Alaska), connect with like-minded individuals, and learn the views of people that I may not agree with but definitely respect.
 I am a Mom with young and older children, so it has been interesting to read about and hear from those with very young children- it brings back those wonderful and frustrating days so quickly! 
I love the photography and designs of many of your blogs and they inspire me.
 Those of you that have your own business as I do-love hearing how you do it and it helps me with my own.
 Those of you that read and don't comment- please don't be shy. 
Those of you that comment and don't have your own blogs, I wish you did so I could get to know you better, you seem so nice ( Elizabeth, Suburban Prep, and Ronda)
Anyway, I wanted to end the year with an acknowledgement of my new friends,
Thank you.


Ina J Offret said...

Thanks Preppy, I have enjoyed your blog very much and will continue to do so. Happy New Year!

Ronda said...

Thanks for your welcome! I too enjoy your blog very much. I only wish I had my own blog. I can do many, many things, but I haven't constructed my own blog yet. Real soon though, I'm going to make my daughter take some time to sit down with me and get one going. It's been way to long, and I don't know why it scares me but it does! I know it is something real easy too. Have a great New Year!

Joyce said...

Preppy this is a real nice post!!
My first blog anniversary is coming up next month and I have learned and got to know indirectly some really nice people even some I actually consider friends.
Again thank you for the heartfelt post. hugs....
PS It is time for confession- I use to come and peak in. That is until recently I bit the bullet to leave a post. I guess my shyness is even in blogging. LOL...

Frau said...

ah! Making me cry! Thanks! love your blog and intoducing me to the blogging world its been a nice void in my new life.
xo peace for the new year!

pve design said...

Ditto your welcome. Nearly one year ago, I began my blog and love it. So many supportive and positive bloggers. A force of energy!
Enjoy, Inspire and connect!

preppyplayer said...

Ina, thanks and same to you.
Ronda, If I can do it, you can. Thanks for visiting.
Joyce, You are so sweet. I tend to lurk for awhile before i post. I guess it is a way of getting to know someone before I "commit" with a post. I enjoy your blog and am glad you read mine.
Frau, I miss you!
Patricia, I agree, I love the energy, support, and connection that blogs produce. I really enjoy your style and artistic talent.
Happy New year!