Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best men's pea coat

Apparently many, many, many people on the world wide web are very interested in googling :
best men's pea coat,
preppy pea coat, 
trendy pea coat,
best pea coat
And, when they do... I come up. 
I guess it's due to my name, preppyplayer and the fact that I did a truly innocent post on pea coats.  I posted on this very amazing subject a month ago and each day there are more and more hits on my blog.
 It. Will Not. Stop.
So if you would like to increase traffic on your blog, post anything with pea coats  in the subject line or....
The Jonas Brothers!!!!


Ina J Offret said...

that's wild! Maybe they heard about the photo sabateur!

Joyce said...

LOL... Ina too funny!

I actually had a pea coat years ago! Thanks for the heads up on the pea traffic. hugs...

Ivy Lane said...

Wow! that IS crazy fun!