Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Best team gift

This time of the year I get a lot of orders for team gifts. It is usually the parents, booster club, or the coach buying for the end of the season. 
Many times it is for the end of the season banquet. The best team gift is sterling silver or enameled  sports charms on cord. Most customers ask for the cord to be the school color.
 The preppy girls love them.
 I also can add a sterling silver school initial or player number. If the order is big enough I try to give the wholesale price. For .50 each, I provide gift bags in the team's school color. I love when I am at the mall or a sporting event and I see girls wearing my necklaces!
if you are interested go to: http://www.preppyplayer.com
or email me at backyardartllc.com@gmail.com

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