Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time to take stock....

Today, I will be wrapping and making lists. Why? Because I have no idea what the @##% I have bought so far!!!
 I just keep piling it in the corner of the guest room. It is time to take stock and make a game plan  as I hope to be done with this part of the holidays by next week. 

My main goal is to be able to enjoy the advent season. I want it to be about the baking, cooking, visiting, partying, and the family. I want to smell the fire, the cookies baking, the cinnamon candles, and the Christmas tree. I want to hear the Christmas music, my children's excitement, and the choir singing. I especially want the time to experience the spirituality of this season. I want to go to a Messiah concert, to the festival of lights at out church, and to carefully put up my nativity scene, instead of hurriedly. 
All this cannot happen if I am running around shopping. If my main focus is getting to the mall or shopping online... how will I notice or experience the true pleasures and meaning of the season?  Well, wish me luck. 

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Frau said...

Good Luck! But it sounds like you have a good game plan!