Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas eve tradition

I think I should have started with Christmas eve! 
Every Christmas eve My two sisters and I and our families come together after church. Every other year my parents are here. There are usually eighteen of us in all. We take turns on whose house we will celebrate at. Last year we were at my house. We don't eat a meal, instead we eat a lot of appetizers, drink champagne, and eat cookies.
Oh yes, cookies are a big part of our tradition. All the kids make candy cane cookies to leave for Santa. They are Santa's (our) favorite cookie! So when the baking is done and the coffee is made, we open gifts. It has always been a frenzy.
 This year we decided to tone it down. At first I was disappointed as I love buying for my nieces and nephew, then it became a relief. We are all contributing to stockings for each child and they will open that and the kids did draw names for secret Santa and that will be fun.
Around ten o'clock everyone goes home to prepare for the next day. Christmas eve is one of my favorites because we are all together without distractions. Everyone stays put and I love it!


A Day That Is Dessert said...

Love these photos and it sounds as if you really make your holiday special! I never knew you could make candy canes - maybe you could post directions?

Frau said...

Fun time I wish I could be there to enjoy all the great company and yummy treats.

Ina J Offret said...

Looks like fun for all! Nice tree! Merry Christmas!!

preppyplayer said...

Hi Lecia,
They are actually candy cane cookies (shaped like candy canes with chopped peppermint on top, really a sugar cookie) and they are so fun to make.
I may follow your lead and do a pictorial when we make them.
Thanks Ina, I am about to post a pic of this years, our best tree ever, but we say that every year!