Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have sold a lot of headbands this holiday season...a lot. I attribute that to the show Gossip Girl. The preppy girls have always bought my headbands. I can count on that. Especially grosgrain, tweed or suede headbands. 
But lately the trendy girls are buying too. 
And, more than once I have heard reference  made of  Gossip Girl. As in " Oh my gosh, this is sooo Blair!" or " Serena wore this in the Hamptons episode!"  The show is good for me and selling headbands... but I don't think it is good for young teens or girls. Too sexy and very materialistic, kind of gross actually. I have watched it a few times and have gotten sucked in as it is fun to see places or areas in NYC that I love. And I do buy headbands that I have seen on the show as I know they will sell. Can't say I'm proud of that.

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