Monday, June 8, 2009


I was showing my daughter this photo and she had a fit!
And as only a big sister can be, critical and loving at the same time, she said,
"Mom!!! Boy Scouts AND band? How could you let him?"
I said, "What are you talking about?"
She said, "DOUBLE NERD!!!"

As most of us know, that is so wrong. ( Pink Martini, I know you get it!)
When I see that picture I see very confident, well rounded, happy boys.
The best part?
If she were to say that to him?
He would laugh and it wouldn't bother him a bit.


jill said...

love your blog. i guess i have a little nerd too. he is a confident kid. boy scouts and band both provide so much for a well rounded kiddo. he would shrug off any geek comments too!

KK said...

Too cute!

Pink Martini said...

Let's see...honor students, getting into the college of their choice, life long friendships, dedication, commitment, the ability to play music, yep I get it! ;) Boy Scouts is icing on the 'can he be anymore perfect' cake of life.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood how camping outdoors, backpacking, fishing, swimming, boating, shooting rifles and shotguns, etc. etc. is nerdy. It is time honored "boy stuff". Too many boys today spend their time indoors pasty faced, fat and playing video games. Now THAT is nerdy!

We often criticize that which we don't understand...

Torch Lake Prep said...

too funny!! as a youngster I had the same thought as your daughter. As an adult, I think it's great your son is doing what he likes and it doesn't matter to him what label someone else sticks on it!