Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old fashioned travel protection

How about wearing a St. Christopher medal?


Ina in Alaska said...

I have one in my car at all times!! xoxo

Ronda said...

I love those! I have one in pearl white, the gold/brown one and in sea blue. Where did you find that picture? The cute shop I got them at closed down last summer, and I tried to google them with no luck. My cute shop re-opened this year and I can now find them. I think I want the ruby colored one next. I gave my niece the turquoise one last year and she loved it! Where did you find it??
Have fun in Maryland, wish I could come visit!

preppyplayer said...

Ina- You've been trained!
Ronda-We love them too! I, my daughters, nieces, sisters and mother all have the enameled St. Chris's.
They are NOT easy to find. There are a few jewelers in Ridgewood, NJ, Chatham and the Princeton area that sell them.
They are an 'insider" item in the preppy lacrosse world.
Have you seen the post earrings? Gorgeous!
I gave Michaela a two tone of her school colors for Christmas.

the Preppy Princess said...

Yeppers on this one. We have Mom's from when she was little. :)

College Prepster said...

I have a light blue one :)

Reenie said...

The one shown here is the same color as mine! I wear it on a light pink cord, and I love it.

Ronda said...

You are right, they are not easy too find! This little shop is called "Cricket", in Springhouse, PA. They have really cute stuff. Purses, jewelry, monogrammed things, etc.
I would love to see the earrings!

Joyce said...

Patty would you believe I have one in my car from 2 friends many, many moons ago. While living in Kenosha, working at Ohare I landed in a ditch on the way to work so they bought the metal for me I still keep it in the car. Have a golden day! xoxo

Paula Fowler said...

Like Ina, we Catholic girls always travel with St. Chris! And pray to St. Anthony to help find lost things (which is happening more and more lately).

Frau said...

I love mine too, I have the brown I love the earrings. Mine need to make a purchase when in Nj this summer.

Somer Love said...

I have had one in my car since I turned 16! Love this lil protector!

Ina in Alaska said...

Hi Preppy I am back (using my office computer, my home wireless is DOWN) I wanted to find out how to order one of the cover ups... could you please email me the info,

Thanks!!! xoxo