Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Princeton Women's Lacrosse...camp

Yes, it's true.
My daughter is going to Princeton.
Ok, so it's for four days at a lacrosse camp! 
It's a start, right?

I do love college sports camps because they give kids an opportunity to actually live on campus, eat in the cafeterias, learn the campus, get to know coaches and experience the college level of play.
It can be an eye opener for many student athletes. I think it can help an athlete determine if playing sports in college is really for them.
And, if it is something they desire? They may be  motivated academically as well, as the coaches always explain that grades and SAT's are just as important (more important)  to admissions as athletic performance.

I always remember a story a friend told me about her daughter. 
In her daughter's junior year of high school they were taking a tour of University of Virginia, (a truly beautiful school and campus), and as they walked around awestruck her daughter said, " you really should have taken me here in 8th grade. if I had seen this, I would have tried a lot harder!"
My friend about died.

So, let's see if the camp can motivate my girl :)


Frau said...

Can't wait to hear if it works...maybe we need to swing by NYU while in NYC and see if it motivates my girl.

the Preppy Princess said...

This sounds like it will be great Miss Preppy, perzactly what's needed as outlined in that post a few days back.

And I love reading that it was a good weekend for sales & you were spot-on with expectations!

Smiles at you,

Joyce said...

LOL... I love the comment of your friend's daughter. LOL...

Oh yes keep us posted on Princeton!!! xoxo

Ronda said...

Hi Patty! I miss you too! Wow, wouldn't Princeton be great!? You just never know....
You sound like you too have been very busy! I'm glad business is booming for you. I have so much to catch up on myself. I had a great time in K.C. It was so good to get away.
I still want to get one of those pretty coolers from you. Are they on your website? I just haven't had time to investigate.
Have a great night, and let me know about the coolers!

t.t. millers said...

Motivation and teenagers seem to repel one another. Or is it just my kids?

kw said...

Hey Aunty..
I hope she has fun! :)

-Frau: It's Harvard now...but NYU is still a thought! ;)