Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm back!

Yes, I am home.
The weather didn't really cooperate, but I still did OK. It was fun spending time with Michaela and we met a lot of very nice people, as usual. ( Lacrosse tournaments are chock full of great folks.)

In fact, we met the parents of an incoming freshman lacrosse player on Michaela's team!
That was nice and we will be sure to greet them when we see them at fall ball.

I have a bit of a lull until the next lax tournament, although I have a sale with a friend who will selling CAbi clothing at her home. The weather will not affect that sale!

I hope the rain stays away for a couple of weeks. I am sick and tired of it AND I feel bad for all the graduation parties and weddings. 

Actually I just returned from my niece Alissa's graduation party!
Congrats Alissa, we love you!


Ina in Alaska said...

I have a few CAbi pieces and just love them. They are very quality clothes and timeless styles. Have a fun party!! Sorry about your weather, it has been just glorious here, sunny and warm. We need to have this weather hold out till the end of the month.... xo

Frau said...

It's rainy everywhere but at Ina's!
Have a great week!

Joyce said...

Welcome home!

We too have been having so much rain. The funny thing is last weekend and this weekend the rain stopped long enough for the graduation parties. At least the rain is good for some of my plants and weeds! xoxo

disa said...