Monday, June 15, 2009

NJ Housewives- they are among us!

Sounds like a horror flick, right?
But in reality, as in reality TV, I do live near the NJ housewives. They live in Franklin lakes, NJ.
And, of course know people who know them, play tennis with, go to church with, blah, blah, blah.

But today... I was at Bloomingdale's with my Mom and daughter going through the racks of dresses when I realize that the infamous Danielle was also, right along side of me. 
She was there with her daughters and an assistant or nanny.
And, both of us were trying to help our daughters find something great to wear for an event.
Ok, so what if their event was on a red carpet in NYC.
Either way, we were in the same boat, just a different destination.
Danielle is WAY too skinny. Girl needs to get some meat on her bones. She actually looks older than her 45 years because she is so skinny.

She was very nice and polite to saleswomen fawning over her.

She was really sweet with her daughters

They all were obviously VERY excited about whatever event they had to go to.

Her voice is very distinct, HEAVY Joisey accent. Does NOT represent the area that we live in, REALLY!

Her eldest daughter is stunning! She looks like she is 17 and she must be 5'10. She has definitely grown and matured since filming. I predict we will know more about her in the future. She was the one I noticed first as she was dressed beautifully and really had a presence.

I am left wondering what happened.
Well, they left to get their hair done and were coming back to get their clothes for the evening,
 ( See, a lot of people are last minute like me!)
However, there were freaky, torrential downpour storms in our area, traffic was backed up for hours.
I really doubt that they made it to their event on time.
Guaranteed she was late, hours late and will receive bad press for being a diva.
When I know ( and now you do) that it was the god awful weather.
So, that was my Joisey inside story!


Susan said...

hysterical... I'm happy to hear they were "nice"... they are from my "home" neck of the woods... my sister knows of them well...same club, church, etc - upsetting many of the locals... giving Fr Lks a "bad wrap"... this show is getting "huge" though - I only watched it for the first time this week... just can't relate to those Joisey Girls!!! Hope they weren't too late...and that you too got a dress!

Ina in Alaska said...

Cool encounter! glad to learn that Danielle is a lady in public because I think she is plain awful in the show. I agree, she is way too thin!! Have you ever been to an event at the Brownstone?

Paula Fowler said...

Too funny. My fave is she's too skinny--te he! That was fun.

Joyce said...

LOL... Patty thanks for behind the scenes. Isn't it funny no matter how famous or how much money one has they still put on their shoes and pants the same as us. Only difference is theirs cost more with a fancy name.

I hope you and your daughter found something!

Frau said...

Too funny! You always run into the celebs!

t.t. millers said...

I see them on TV and think - REALLY? Do people really live like that?

Ronda said...

Wow, close encounter! I'm, sorry to say this, but I think she is UGLY. It is a relief to know that she was nice, but maybe that was just for show. How knows how she really is. I think she is too skinny also.

I kind of feel bad talking about somebody I don't even know!

Anyway, have a great rest of the week. Did you find a dress??

Naz said...

Yesterday she co-hosted the 4th hour of the Today show. When asked by Hoda what size she wore, she replied that she was a size 0 and weighed 110 pounds and I believe she said she was 5'8" all.

Apparently she can eat anything she wants and works out 3 times a week for 20 minutes. A total of an hour a week.

Misty said...

Juicy, love it, if you run into any more of them please post...I have become obsessed with that show....Here in Redneckville your chances of running into anyone famous are slim to none but hubby did work with Chris Daughtry.

preppyplayer said...

Susan- yes, michaela was successful, I think Danielle was too!

Ina- I haven't been there in years, hear that it is nice though.

Paula- hope you received package!

Joyce- we did!

Frau- i would think we would more...

Tami- I know, unfortunately I DO see it around here.

Ronda- Don't worry we know you are nice :)
Yes, we did!

Naz- Welcome! in person? she looks emaciated.

Misty- I will!

Caffeine Court said...

After watching the show, I'm concerned about those girls.

I'm glad to hear they seemed normal.

SGM said...

Your post just solidifies for me that the show is faker than fake. What I don't understand is why Danielle is ruining her reputation for money. You KNOW her kids are getting teased at school. It can't be worth it in the long run.

I agree--she is too thin!