Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last day of school

Wasn't it a minute ago that I took the first day of school picture?

Probably doesn't seem that way to him. When I was a child it seemed like the school year took forever, like it was a lifetime.

When I was a young mother and had a bunch of little kids the school year was never long enough. I needed the time and structure to keep my brood under control.

Now I have come full circle. It really seemed as if the school year took forever, all the rain this last month didn't help and now I look forward to mornings without carpools, making lunches, signing papers, and rushing out the door.

 I am so glad this is the last day of school!


Susan said...

Wow...he's really grown and matured this year! Adorable... and having 1 who's been out of college for almost 2 months... I feel as though the summer is on the "downside"... how sad is that? Time for the lake though... hope to see you there!

Joyce said...

Is this the beginning of this school year? He has grown tall over the months!

Yahoo... last day of school! Do you have anything special planned?

Enjoy my friend! xoox

Frau said...

I hope the sun is shinning and you can go to the lake! So glad it's summer too!

heidi said...

Agreed... especially about all the papers to shuffle through & sign. That is one sweet boy, I can tell!