Friday, June 19, 2009

beach cover-ups part II

So chicas, I just received my order and this is what I have:
( I do apologize for the minuscule swatch's.)
I have pink Cheetah in small.
Pink Monkeys in small and medium.
Green Monkeys in medium.
Paisley in large.
Passiflora in medium and large.
Mermaids in large.

Not a large selection, but my favorites, especially the Monkeys!
These cover-ups retail at $55 at most boutiques, I sell them for $45.
But, for my readers they are $40, with $2 shipping. 
Email if interested.
Be on the lookout today... I also received an order of pajama Capri's'! 
I will post later!


OHN said...

Ok, so nothing in the beachwear for the hefty girls like me....but very interested in the jammies...I work in jammies ;)

If you have gigundo sizes come in let me know :)

Ina in Alaska said...

I would wear a 14-16 and would be interested in seeing the mermaid design..... e mail me more details please Thanks!! PS I have to place my order in July.... kinda running low on $$$ due to the wedding..... will replenish my bank account at the end of June...... xoxo