Monday, June 8, 2009

Lacrosse AND Scout Bags?

What Do Lacrosse and scout bags have in common?
My favorite things!
Both preppy AND sporty.
I was a selling machine down in Ocean City this past weekend.
The big seller?
Scout bags of course! The Deano Bag in particular.
Oh and my Angela Moore"ish" sports bracelets.
The big surprise?
Tennis racquet covers!
I happened to bring them along, decided to put them out and ended up selling most of them.
All in all it was a beautiful weekend. I did well. I was able to spend A LOT of time with my daughter (she works for me) and I was in my favorite environment- Lacrosse!


Pink Martini said...

Congratulations P2! I love your bags! Put a link to your bracelets. I'd love to see them eventhough my kids' sports days are over. Thanks for your comments on the Prom. It was interesting to know some things are the same on both coasts. :) SO many emotions with all the last events. Know you know well.

Frau said...

Glad to hear the weather held out and it was a success.

Her Preppiness said...

Glad it was a success

Little Bow Prep said...

Those bags are so cute!

Ronda said...

I really love those bags, and I think I need those coolers for the dock. Which ones do you like? I think I like the pinks ones.
I'm glad you had nice weather, and good sales. I guess now you have to re-stock on more items?
Have a great week! One of these days we will meet up!

Joyce said...

Yahoo.... a successful weekend and spending time with your daughter. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! xoxo