Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday raves and rants...

Rave- finally,  the sun's out! I feel my entire mood lifting.

Rant- it's not raining. We live in a town 1 mile squared, my children can't walk anywhere?
          Meaning, I have been in and out of the car all afternoon... I just want to stay put.

Rave- I am fully stocked for the season. I do not have to buy a thing for the rest of the summer,            all profit.

Rant- it makes me nervous to have all that inventory! Sell, sell, sell!

Rave- One more week of school and then we can all relax.

Rant- Why can I never think of the perfect father's day gift? 
           Ok, forget perfect, how about adequate?    
Rave- Love  Ralph Lauren chinos.

Rant- Hate J. Crew chinos, too thin.

Rave-  It's Friday!

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