Monday, June 22, 2009

Lacrosse recruiting 101 cont.

Ok kids, 
Time to get serious.
Are you a high school sophomore or junior laxer?
Do you want to play lacrosse in college?
If you answered yes to both those questions you need to get busy.

College lacrosse camps have become very important in the recruiting process. They have always been a must for boys and now for girls as well.  It is important to attend camps at a college you might be interested in or camps that many college coaches work at. Camps enable coaches to get a better look at players they are interested in or for a player to create interest by having a good camp. Camps are usually 3-4 days, allowing a player to attend 2-4 a summer.
They are not cheap.
But you get more bang for your buck than a tournament as camps are more intimate and allow many hours of coach attention.

Pros- Live on campus for 2-4 days, essentially trying out the college too.
          See how coach is, if coaching style is "your" style.
          More time to show your skills, than a tournament.
          See if college lacrosse is for you.
You might have a "bad" camp, not show well.
           ( can be avoided by being in good shape.)
The camp might be "bad", giving you the wrong impression of a school that might be right for you.
The price.
Time. Between tournaments, summer vacation, club and high school commitments, there isn't much time. ( very important you research and pick the correct camps for you to attend.

My advice would be: email coaches of colleges you may be interested in, find out if they are holding camps or working at camps. Try to attend a camp with the most coaches (of schools you may be interested in)
When you have decided which camps you are attending, email the coaches that will be there, let them know that you are there because you are interested in their program and, most importantly, in the college their program is a part of.
Please remember,  coaches and admissions of most colleges want a good fit. They both want to hear that you are interested in the school as much as the program.
I hope this was enough info, if not email me and I would be happy to answer more questions :)


Europafox said...

Great post! I see some good public schools over here do sports camps - I hope this could work in terms of sports scholarships for cricket etc. Oh poor Caspar - the pressure!!

Toad said...

Have you read

the Preppy Princess said...

You nailed this one MIss Preppy, I don't know of any sports that don't do summer training/camps/etc., and if someone wants to do this, your suggestions are outstanding.

Smiles to you!