Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today's hike with Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer...

Also known as my Kevin and his best friend Brendan! We live in Northern NJ and although we are only 22 miles from NYC , we are almost country. We took the boys hiking about four miles from our house and they were loving it. I think they caught two sunnies and about eight crayfish. I LOVE this age. They are old enough to be self sufficient, but they still want to hang out with us. My husband and I were actually able to have some long, relaxing conversations on our three mile hike and yet get tremendous enjoyment from the boys and their antics... is this what being a grandparent will be like ? I don't want to rush that and I want to make it perfectly clear that Marc and I started our family VERY young. But still, and I know I have written this before and it does sound cliche, It. Does Go. Fast.

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