Monday, November 24, 2008

Finding "me" time during the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

I know most of you know I am a paddle maniac. It's true.  And when I am most stressed it is my go-to activity. This week we didn't have scheduled games due to Thanksgiving, so there has been a lot of ad hoc games... and I'm loving it!
When  I play paddle I am so focused and in the moment, the minutia and detritus of my life cannot creep into my brain. I liken it to the way yoga affects me, relaxing me mentally and physically.
One of the many reasons I like platform tennis is that it is a very social game, requiring 4 players in a small space.
We really get to know each other. I really like the type of women that are drawn to paddle. They have the same interests as I do, they like to be outdoors in winter, they want a good workout and they like competitive sports. 
And, we all like to socialize after our matches or games. During the day that could be an amazing lunch with soup and salad or something as simple as coffee.
At night, Beer, wine, and potluck usually rule.
All good.

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Frau said...

I hope once the "rents" leave you can find some "me" time before your "Biz" gets to busy! xo ur #1fan