Monday, November 10, 2008

NYC Monday

     On Sunday we decided to take a drive into NYC to see my son who lives on the VERY lower east side. There wasn't any traffic and we were there in twenty minutes, making us wonder, 
why don't we do this more often?
The parking is very inexpensive in that part of the city and sometimes you can even find parking on the street. 
So, we met up with my son and walked down to South Street Seaport, looked around and then walked back up to Canal St. ( lots of police keeping the counterfeit purse people under control!) and then through Soho back to the LES. (cool shorthand used for Lower East Side) We had brunch at a cozy little cafe called Alias. Good food, good prices, quick service.
I know this area has become a destination for the young and trendy and my son loves living down there, but I couldn't believe the crowds flocking to the Bowery for brunch! It seemed like every person we saw was between the ages of twenty and thirty.
 I felt like I was in Europe for many different reasons.
1. I was THE only person I saw that day wearing tennis shoes. ( I knew we were doing a lot of walking!)
2. Cool haircuts on both men and women.
3. NO matching outfits or colorful clothing.
4. Many, many different languages being spoken.
5. Other than our walk thru Chinatown, my kids were the only kids I saw on the LES.

How about that? Twenty minutes away and a whole other world!

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Ina J Offret said...

Sounds like a fun expedition to me! Looking forward to a view of your flower pictures... :)