Friday, November 20, 2009

Just wanted to remind you about:

And you know why?
Because if you are like us, you get together with family and friends the weekend of Thanksgiving and invariably "the gift exchange discussion" takes place.
It's best to come with a plan, cause everybody has an opinion and the discussion can last way too long...
Check out elfster and then you will be able to end the conversation quickly.
Oh, and it's free by the way.


Susan said...

Oh - I can SO's a big topic on Thanksgiving... Just the kids... something small between the sisters and husbands...1 big gift for the parents or do our own thing... a family gift... a price limit...NO gift certificates... and the funny thing is we ALL don't stick to it and end up do something for all... but we "try"! Funny, I started a post about it and it's in my draft file.. I was waiting until Post Thanksgiving!

Joyce said...

We have a small family so we usually just buy for everyone. Just today friends were telling me they stopped buying for their nieces and nephews when they turned 18. I thought if that was the case I'm way overdue. LOL... Have a golden weekend my friend! xo

Pink Martini said...

Hi P2 ~ what is this site? I went to it but didn't get a good reading what it exactly is. Maybe because it's almost 2 AM. :)

preppyplayer said...

Susan- I always laugh because my kids try to do SECRET santa with their friends and they either forget who they have or end up telling who they have. Elfster helps with that.

Joyce- I like buying for everyone, but not gift cards. I like trying to find the "perfect" something for each person.

Pink- You are like me! I tend to stay up way too late on the computer,"working."
Elfster is a combo secret santa and gift registry site. You go on as a group and it will assign randomly who is exchanging gifts with whom. The if you like, you can put together a wish list so that your secret santa knows what you would like or at the very least the type items you like. It is genius.

Reenie said...

We've been doing secret santas with the cousins for as long as I can remember.

Except as it turns out when we were little it wasn't so much secret santas as the parents calling who's kids got who.

I never could figure out how my cousin Meaghan got me every year. It was quite a mystery.