Monday, November 30, 2009

Not just because of Tiffany's.

Key necklaces are hot right now.

But in Ireland, England, Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia they are a popular twenty-first birthday gift.
The gifting of a key or a key necklace is a twenty-first birthday tradition in those countries symbolizing freedom and independence, the ability to open new doors and accept responsibility.

I found a great source for key necklaces and will now be selling them, I'll let you know how I do!


Ina in Alaska said...

I would like a key too. One to a brand new Range Rover!! xoxo

Susan said...

Ina: LOL haha. Yes, me too.
I love these key necklaces, they are very cute. I would wear that? Would you?

Suburban Princess said...

I got a key for my 21st birthday :O) It was to mean I now had the key to the house :O) In the UK you can get big plastic silver keys with a 21 on them!

Frau said...

Really cute....hope you do well with them!

OHN said...

These photos gave me a flashback, and now I have to go through all my drawers.

Many many moons ago, I went to Europe.

I am pretty sure there are wanted posters all over Amsterdam with my picture......because I stole a key to our bizarre hotel room.

It looked just like one of the ones in your photo.

Who knew that 30+ years later I would having something fashionable!

I am off to scrounge through my drawers.

College Prepster said...

I LOVE my key necklace! It's from Dogeared! My mom gave it to me after a pretty bad bullying incident in my high school and I wear it nearly everyday!