Friday, November 20, 2009

Good advice.

conversation- Gay guy who does make -up for Chanel at Saks and me, (vendor bored out of her mind not selling anything because all the Carmella Soprano look-a-likes aren't into pink and green!!)

Me- " I don't really wear a lot of make-up. What is the one thing you recommend I buy, other than surgery, to look younger and better?"

He looks at me long and hard. ( that is a bad sentence!)

Guy- "lipstick honey."

And you know what?
I have been wearing it ever since.
And you know what else?
Everyone is noticing AND complimenting me... a lot.

#1. Who knew? I should have done this awhile ago. When my kids were babies I stopped wearing lipstick because I love smooching babies and there would have been lipstick all over them!

#2. Mr. gay guy is my new guru. I plan on hunting him down and asking him what his second recommendation would be.
What if he says surgery??!

#3 Get yourself some lipstick!


Susan said...'re hitting on a sore subject. I have seriously been considering going under the knife to fix, repair and remove. I'n not considering having anything added (even though I'm sure I need it), but after having 5 children...."Honey, no ammount of lipstick is going to help me". Although I'm looking for Glace Lipstick from Clu Monaco. Beautiful color and HTF.

Susan said...

Sorry...That was Club Monaco.

Frau said...

I've never worn lipstick....what colors did he recommend?

LPC said...

Wow he sounds like a keeper that guy:). Lipstick, honey! But honestly, I had an appointment to investigate lasers of all sorts yesterday...

Beth said...

You are too beautiful for surgery. I do darken my eyebrows and those they people say it makes you look younger.

Suzy said...

One of my business partners always used to say, "How can women go outside without lipstick? I just don't understand it." Then she had kids and never wore it again.

My mother will not leave the house without lipstick. I know that when I'm wearing it, I get a lot more attention than when I don't.

OHN said...

I remember my mom carrying lipstick, a "compact", blush etc etc in her purse--along with her cigarettes-yuk-and she would duck into ladies rooms to refresh. She even wore makeup if she was home alone because "you never know when someone might stop by".

Me? If I am working outside my home office that day, I put it on once and when it is chewed, licked or smeared off, it stays off :)

You need to post a photo of you with the color you like the best...or take three or four and we all will pick our favorite ;)

Suburban Princess said...

I am the same...I love giving my little guy kisses so I only wear lippy when I go out!

Ina in Alaska said...

what a good and easy recommendation!! I will do it too. But I would say another easy thing to do would be to add blush. I have pretty much given up on messing with eye makeup. Takes too long!