Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boxwood crazy...

Oh yes I am!
I love box wood, but am very particular as to how it is used. I love it when it is used almost as a lawn as I have seen in New Orleans.
My ideal use of boxwood is as a low, trim hedge defining a garden as in this pic.
This garden is either a boxwood dream or nightmare...
Although I can appreciate this tall hedge, I like it tidy- so this wouldn't do.
Do you have a particular plant, bush or hedge that you like? Most of us have out favorite flowers but I think plants like ivy or shrubs like burning bush can really define your garden.
Do you agree?


Joyce said...

I like the low boxwoods and yes burning bushes and the red twig (not sure of the name) are my favs. xo

Beth Adamson said...

My backyard is filled with the burning bushes, they are my favorite personally. I do like the boxwood after seeing your photos. Do not know if they would grow in Utah or not. I will need to pay attention when we walk the dogs to see if I notice any.

Caffeine Court said...

I do love me some Boxwoods. Living near the shore, I am a huge fan of hydrangea bushes, they love the sandy soil! In the spring, I'm nuts over my Lilac bushes.

You always have the best posts!

Mom on the Run said...

Our friends who live in the c.1838 house have a huge boxwood garden planted in the late 1800's by a Scottish gardener. She's a floral designer, and she uses it for everything. He's a landscape architect and he's happy she can cut to her heart's content and still not even make a dent in them (at their old house they always had bald bushes).

My favorite is tea olive. Blooms throughout the year with a fabulous scent...like jasmine. I have them in a treeish looking form, but a couple of friends have them trimmed like hedges and they can only be described as divine.