Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Christmas Carol, Mr Magoo vs. Jim Carrey

Went to A Christmas Carol last night.
Imax 3D. Paid $5 extra for that.
Not really worth it.
I think it was $3 extra for regular 3D.
At first I was enchanted.
I thought it was going to be like Polar Express,
It wasn't.
Then I thought maybe it would be like Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol,
It wasn't.
Then I thought we should have seen New Moon.
We didn't. The line was too long and too many girls said the two boys I was with.
Now I think I will look for my DVD of Mr. Magoo's A Christmas Carol.
Mr. Magoo wins every time.


Reenie said...

I was really against this interpretation of A Christmas Carol from the first I heard of it.

Such a big production seems inappropriate for a story that has traditionally been small and personal.

The original book was less than 85 pages, meant to be a children's story. Somehow I don't see the 3D fitting into Dickens's original vision.

Kate said...

I really didn't like this. The only thing I liked was that Colin Firth was in it ;)

Beth said...

Jeff and I saw the Christmas Carol last weekend, and I was disturbed by it. I was hoping to start the holidays off with a great movie. Instead I did not leave with any holiday spirit. New Moon was amazing.

Susan said...

The FGK said the same thing. Daddy took them to see a Christmas Carol and they didn't like it at all. They said it was too scary. I'm glad I chose a day on the courts over a day in the theatre on that one. Do go see New Moon. You won't be sorry. I braved standing in line for 2 hours with my daughter at midnight, screaming girls, etc....It wsa worth it.

Anonymous said...

i wrote a post about it to publish tomorrow night- i was so disappointed. it was awful. plain and simple, it sucked.

thepreppyprincess said...

What a shame the film is such a disappointment, it sounds like perhaps it is one that didn't really need to be made.

We are actually all adither over the annual Rudolph, the really old one with Burl Ives, that is a big favorite here at the Prepatorium.

Hope your week is filled with family and fun Miss Preppy!

Caffeine Court said...

It was pretty dark and their depiction of death was WAY over the top!

t.t. millers said...

Now I am glad i choose to see New Moon!
My sister-in-law took my 5 year old niece to see Christmas Carol and said she wishes she didn't. What a shame, it could have been a good movie if not so scary.