Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas request... sounds easy. Not.

I love my twenty year-old daughter, she is my right hand. She rarely asks for anything so when it is Christmas time I try to get her most of what is on her list, although I have set a budget so that all my children have realistic lists.

She had already submitted the Christmas list for 2009,
I thought.
Then I received this email- ( sorry my girl if you're reading this I had to share)


I have thought of other Christmas gifts if my budget has yet to be fulfilled..

-black blazer (no shoulder pads obviiiouslyyyyy) a couple girls have them here and they look adorable as like a going out over a tank to the bar type thing

-Tan sperry's..I ordered blue and white ones two months ago but they were too small so I had to send them back/have yet to so I might as well wait for christmas at this point..Actually before I send them back do you want them? I have up to a year to return them anyways.. They're an eight, If not i'll just send them back..

OKAYYYY love you : )

First off,
Interesting, a blazer... to wear to... a bar.
She is twenty.
I guess she isn't even bothering to pretend.
As if I didn't know anyway.
But the clincher is a black blazer.
I need more details!
See below. Don't all those blazers look alike, just different models?
They're four different blazers!! And that's just J Crew.
Which of these do you like if you were going to a bar underage and might end up in jail?
Which would look best behind bars? ( as in prison)
And, do I really want her reject Sperry's that she is obviously NOT bringing back cause it sounds like it might be too late or she lost the receipt or something?
I love my girl.


Mom on the Run said...

I'm sorry, all I can do is laugh. Because I've been there.

trifitmom said...

i had the BEST fitted long black blazer to wear out to the bars back in the day....

Beth Adamson said...
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Suburban Princess said...

Tell her to check the JC site herself and send you the link to the one she wants :O)

OHN said...

Like mom on the run...I had to laugh a little.

At least she is asking for a blazer and not a bong and a box of condoms like one of my friends boys asked for! (she THINKS he was joking).

A sharp can never go wrong :)

preppyplayer said...

Motr, I know, we have a lot in common!

Trifit- it is a good classic item. Welcome by the way. At first I thought you were feener by your writing style!

Comment deleted- is my poor sister. She left a nice comment but there were too many names in it, sorry B.

Surb- good advice.

Ohn- Can't pretend that the condoms wouldn't of thrown me either- there are sooo many brands! Lol

Mrs. K said...

the first one for sure

Frau said...

I like the top one too!

Susan said...

Adorable note, funny and thoughtful! "Mother"...
Get her a classic blazer she can wear on interviews too... I'd wear #1, but it may be too "old" for her!
Oh, I'm sure there are a lot of shoulder pads in J. Crew!!! LOL
I have not had a list in years... but when I did, it came the morning of Christmas Eve... I've stopped asking! (having 1 son is EASY)!

plainolebob said...

Congrats on your award

CRICKET said...

Honestly, how fun - I can;t wait until my daughter is a little older to make these requests or to offer me a pair of shoes!

The Preppy Princess said...

She is such a doll Miss Player, and I love that she's not pretending. The only thing I can think of from having been around several early twenties young ladies of late is their love for shorter jackets. I don't know if that's applicable or not, but thought it wouldn't hurt to throw it in the mix.

Have a fab weekend!

Torch Lake Prep said...

#2 has my vote!

Caffeine Court said...

You are killing me!! Now I want a black blazer from J.Crew. I have a problem.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I'm still looking for an over a tank to the bar type thing myself. :-) too, too funny.

Anonymous said...

Rugby by Ralph Lauren has some great ones. My teen daughter got a fabulous tight fitting blue one. They are very in this year.

leonbasin said...
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