Sunday, February 22, 2009

USTA Tennis

My paddle partner and friend, Jan,  told me that she had a tennis match last night.
 I was surprised.
Especially when I found out she was playing USTA mixed doubles. It actually is wonderful for her because she is newly divorced and it would be an excellent way for her to meet new people and get out.
That isn't what surprised me.
What surprised me is that I started thinking of tennis again, USTA in particular.
You see, I use to be a tennis nut. I played on a  USTA mixed doubles team,  a Usta women's doubles team, women's outdoor team and on an inter club team...all at the same time.
Of course I would never play at that level again because I don't train, drill, or care enough. 
But I think I am interested in playing USTA this Spring...


Ina J Offret said...

You forgot to say you were also raising FIVE children while playing an insane amount of USTA tennis....that is just amazing Preppy!!!!! I took up tennis (doubles only, (mixed or women)does not matter to me) when I turned 50 and just enjoy it so much. I agree with you, it is a super great way for your friend to meet lots of people... my only surprise with tennis was that there can be DRAMA, so stay away from that and all will be well....

I always look forward to my Sunday morning mixed doubles group (4 courts of players) after which we all go out for bagels and coffee and get caught up.

Ironically my USTA membership renewal came in last week's mail.

Joyce said...

You rock girl! I'm a believer if you love something do it, time will finds its way.

I think this is great for your friend to get out there and meet new friends.

Keep us posted on your adventures.

Ronda said...

Wow, I'm impressed with you!! You sound like quite the tennis player! I agree with Ina--doing that, and raising 5 kids! High five to you.
I say go for it, it is something that you love doing!

Frau said...

I loved when I played on the USTA doubles team until I beat a couple good ranked players and they bumped me up and the competition was too much and not fun anymore.
Sounds like it will be nice spring sport for you.

the Preppy Princess said...

We're with Joyce in saying "You go girl!"

You're beyond any multi-tasking marvel seen on TV, you are such a star!

~CC Catherine said...

I'm going to second the YOU ROCK comment! ;) Go for it, you only live once., even if you do have five kids! ;) ~CC Catherine

preppyplayer said...

Oh my dears! This was a cautionary tale. Thank you for your compliments. But I need you to know that I realize now that it was over the top! My children or husband were not neglected during my "crazy" tennis team career, but my house definitely was and I didn't have a business at the time.

If I do go back to USTA it will be as a normal person, not an over the top, crazed, tennis maniac-yes...that is what I WAS.
But thanks for all the fanfare friends :)