Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Bows-not just for babies!

Ok, so originally I bought baby bows to wholesale to hair salons and children's boutiques.  Along the way, I would bring them and put them in a pretty basket to sell at Lacrosse tournaments and horse shows. I figured babies are everywhere.

To my surprise they were a HUGE hit with lacrosse girls! Lacrosse girls famously wear ribbon in their hair. Part of it is the preppy culture and the other part is that it makes it easy to pick your child out on the field. So the little bows were perfect for the wispies that come out of a ponytail and the refs never notice and outlaw them because they are use to seeing grosgrain bedecked girls on the field!

Another surprise was the popularity of the bitty baby bows at the horse shows.  I sell hundreds of them - for puppies and ponies!!  Horse people go crazy for them. I never would have predicted that I would be selling thousands of baby bows a year and that they wouldn't be for babies!


Ronda said...

I absolutly love bows. I always wore a bow or ribbon in my hair, sometimes still do! They are so girly.
Thank-you for my well wish, that was sweet of you. I feel a little better today, still weak though. Going to try to go to bed early tonight.

Joyce said...

Great idea! I love how you thought outside of the box!! xoxo

Ina J Offret said...

Would be totally cool for stylish dogs!

Reenie said...

The baby bows were huge with the punk fashion kids when I was in high school. I don't know if they still wear them, because I think the warping of preppy culture is out for them.

But I know my sister bought a bunch of them for you because she always followed those trends.

preppyplayer said...

I love bows too and both my girls were bedecked!
Thanks Joyce!
I think the animal print bow would be ironic for a pup to wear-cool too!
Reenie- oh yes, your sis loves her some bows!