Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleepovers- pro or con?

First off, I loved sleepovers when I was a child/teenager. I have many fond memories of midnight raids of the fridge, late night giggling, prank phone calling, and big secrets shared. 

I also remember my mother saying, "no more sleepovers!" Until time would pass and she would forget just how cranky I was the day after the last sleepover.

And here I am. I hate when my kids sleepover at their friend's house! 
The next day? 
WE pay all day. 
We have a cranky, irritable kid who doesn't want to do anything asked and who is unable to tolerate a"no" without a tantrum. 

And sleepovers at our house?
Just as bad!
How many times do I have to go up the stairs and say, "Girls! You must go to sleep!"

Or, the last minute sleepover- when my daughter calls at 11pm and says, "Can such and such sleepover?" 
 Of course I say yes, (as I remember how much I loved sleepovers when I was young, Blah, blah, blah,) 
And then I realize that we won't have enough milk/juice/food for extra guests in the morning and I better hightail it to the A&P before they close!!

Whew! Truly exhausting.
What do you think?  ( Remember I am a cranky, peri-menopausal mother of five, now dealing with  the sleepovers of my last two children, I use to be nicer.)


Ronda said...

PRO-- My kids had sleepovers all the time. I always loved it more when it was at my house 'cause I knew where my kids were. On the other hand, I didn't like it when they would sleep out, because I wasn't quite sure what they were up to. Either way, it is a teen thing, and it it will always happen.

Reenie said...

Its funny because we still have sleepovers although they are now so that no one is forced to be the dd and no one misses out on the fun.

I've always been pro sleepover, but I remember the crankiness with clarity. I also remember trying my best to not be cranky, in fact to not speak at all so that the "No More Sleepovers!" edict would not be handed down

Ina J Offret said...

We tended to discourage the sleepovers unless they were at the homes of people we absolutely could call at, say 2 am.......too many problems and complications today....but I remember sleepovers as a teen, and they were fun (then) fewer complications....

Pink Martini said...

Oh this made me laugh! I know exactly what you mean about the crankiness the next day. Even though my son will come home in the morning the next day he sleeps until 2 to catch up and then I become the homework nag. I also don't understand how they can over to a buds house to sleep over with nothing but the shirt on their backs. Boys can be a mystery. :)

OHN said...

I will go on record here stating that I HATE sleepovers. I always thought they were just a "girl thing" then discovered that boys love to hang out, eat, play video games, eat, watch movies, eat and sleep all over my family room.

When I wake up in the morning I am not at my loveliest--I don't mind my boys seeing me looking like trailer trash, but I don't want their friends going home telling their family that Mrs. OHN is a hotmess in the morning.

Then there is the quantity of food they consume..good lord, there are nations that don't eat that much.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

My kids used to be awful after sleepovers; so, so grumpy! Now, we always have at least two extra teenage boys here every weekend. I just go to bed and they are on their own. They're all really good kids and don't drink so I don't have to worry about them. They even go to the store to get whatever they need to eat. I actually love having them all around. I guess it's since I know they will be gone soon!

Frau said...

Story never changes sleepovers suck especially the day after! Glad we are closing in on those days!

Kate said...

My mom always used to threaten no more sleepovers. I can remember coming home and just being exhausted! But they are SO fun during the actual sleepover part ;)