Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Readers Shmeaders!

A lot of us need Readers. 
Some of you don't... but you will!
I am considering selling readers for many different reasons. First, I think that people, (like me) tend to forget to bring their readers to sporting events thinking they won't need them...
Then they are given a program and guess what?
Obviously this has happened to me. It is beyond frustrating.
Another reason I would like to sell readers is that I found an amazing company, ( all glasses shown above) that sells very stylish readers at more than reasonable prices. 

Not only would I be able to afford readers to put in my car, by the phone, in my purse, coat pocket, gym bag, and tennis bag- but I can pass on the deals to my customers!
I love that.


Ronda said...

I'll buy them! Really like the bottom pair and the top pair.

Thanks for posting----wish me luck!

Toad said...

Sign me up. I don't need them yet, but the woman on my right does. She'll never admit it though. That's why I keep a pair in my pocket.

Frau said...

I love a fun pair of readers I think they would be a great seller. I'm a couple years away from needing them seeing I'm barely 40 again! Hee Hee!

Pink Martini said...

OMGosh, you have touched on sore subject for me. I cannot do anything now without readers and I hate it! Takes my husband and me twice as long to order in a restaurant because I never bring mine and have to wait to use his! Typing without them...fudgetitaboutit!

Joyce said...

I love the reading glasses!

OHN said...

Good lord...I have them in every corner of the house and still can never find a pair when I need to read the instructions on the back of the frozen food package that I am lovingly preparing for dinner for my family because I am too tired to cook.

What was the original question?

preppyplayer said...

Ronda- I will have a huge selection soon.

Toad, welcome! How nice you are to make sure your right hand woman is prepared :)

Frau, you might not REALIZE you need them.

Pink Martini- the worst is in the shower when I'm unsure which is the shampoo and which is the conditioner!

Joyce- I have learned to love them.

OHN- I hear you loud and clear! I must own ten pairs and can never find a one!

Ronda said...

I posted a BIG HAPPY face just for you!!

The Preppy Princess said...

Oh, the shampoo and conditioner challenge is the worst! Alltime! These really are fun Miss Player, great colors!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

My friend calls 'em "cheaters" as in "I can't find my cheaters, can I borrow yours?" Lol.