Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Tailgate time!

It seems crazy, right?
The supposedly Spring sport of lacrosse begins next week! 

College Spring sports, it's really a misnomer. I remember my son's baseball team playing Lehigh at Lehigh in a snowstorm. I brought him hand warmers to keep in his back pocket. That was tough. We all watched from our cars with our heaters on.

I think the season should be referred to as College pre-spring sports!

At least lacrosse is a fast paced sport and the players keep warm, unless you are on the sidelines. My daughter's team plays Penn state for their season opener and I am anticipating a very COLD game!

The emails have begun. The team parents are planning our awesome tailgates.
 And, they are AWESOME!
Our first two games are on the road and we will tailgate, but it won't be as involved as when we are the home team. 
Then... we throw a party. One dad keeps a grill PERMANENTLY on the back of his truck. They set up a grilling station and serve from there. We all bring our specialties. We bring A LOT, knowing that whatever is leftover will go back to the dorms with the girls. 
We feed everyone... the team, families, friends, and even fans that wander over.
We might not always win, but we always eat well!


t.t. millers said...

There have been many games that we have FROZE on the sidelines. You would think I would be used to the cold from all the ice hockey games - but I really HATE the cold! Give me a warm summer day anytime!

Frau said...

Wish we lived closer, been a long time since we've seen her play! Sounds like a great time, all healthly marc approved foods right?

Susan said...

yep... SHU is getting ready for Rugby...those "tough" boys love parents FREEZE!

the Preppy Princess said...

You know, it's only cold for the people standing (or sitting) around watching! Love the permanent grill on the truck!