Friday, January 8, 2010

bee pollen update

Remember last Summer when I told you about the bee pollen?


All in all, by September I has lost 23 pounds. I stopped taking it and I have kept it off even through the holidays. ( I did take the bee pollen during December though as insurance once a week.)

Two of my sisters have lost close to 20 pounds, many friends and co-workers of ours now take it and have lost as well. So you're wondering,

Where do I get this?

Well, I don't sell it. I make no money from it. In fact I have been nervous to talk about it because it seems too good to be true. I figure there HAS to be something dangerous or bad...

So even though I was willing to risk my health ( never felt better in my life by the way!) I didn't want to be responsible for risking other's unless they forced me to divulge how I lost the weight.
Which is what people close to me did, then they lost and they passed on the info.
But whenever you meet
someone using it we remark that it is just too good to be true.

Well finally someone did the mature responsible thing and actually brought it to a
nutritionist and asked her opinion.
Here is what she said:

I have good and not so good news on the bee pollen.
First the not so good news - the way this probably works is based on increasing the fiber content of your intake along with a couple of ingredients that increase bowel function (senna in particular). the way it works is to add fiber to help create a feeling of fullness - so you eat less - and then help increase elimination. Essentially you take in less and eliminate more creating a negative calorie intake. That is how you can achieve the weight loss with no exercise.
The real good news is that I can see no questionable ingredients or anything that would be a cause for concern. The only issue may be increase gas, bloating, and bowel movements during the adjustment phase.
The other piece of good news is that it may also help decrease your blood cholesterol level. The aloe, beet, and yam all have good soluble fiber which binds cholesterol.
It may be worth trying.

So, that made me feel better! I do want to say that not everyone has the same results on this. People that eat for reasons other than hunger or already have a ton of fiber in their diet have not had the same results. Also if you are allergic to bee stings- YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS.

As for where you can get it...
All over the place. The
Internet being a good source. Let me know if you try it.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You can get it in any health store that sells things in bins (like oats and such). I rand down the block and bought some after your first post. Then got online and learned that if you are allergic to bees or flower pollen, it can send you into shock. As I am allergic to both, I never used it. But I'm thrilled it has been so wonderful for you! Wish I was in the same boat.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

Glad you posted this today. I bought some months ago and never really committed to taking it like I should. Once my kids head back to college I am going to be religous about it!! Thanks for the reminder.

Pink Martini said...

Thank you for the package and for the little lunch bag. All arrived safe and sound. :)

Anonymous said...

i've been meaning to write to you....because i lost the packaging i bought it from and i can't read chinese- can you send me that link again? please? i totally lost while on it, got off of it for 2 months but started taking it last week again.

Karen Andre said...

I have kept the 15 lbs off that I lost while on it. The "detox" only happens in the beginning and when you eat bad things. I now have everyone at work on it and they have all lost weight! One girl who is always sick and is allergic to everything has not taken her stomach pills or allergy pills since she started taking it. good luck to all