Thursday, January 21, 2010

She's going back!

Well we will miss our resident gimp, our life of the party.
She goes back to school this weekend. I am sure it won't be easy for her to navigate the campus, go up and down stairs, or go long distances by foot- but I know she will manage.

We are sending her with a car... for a month and then we want it back.
Too many kids share cars at her school, to me an insurance nightmare. How can she say no to people whose car she has used in the past? So we would feel better with our car here.
Do you think that's mean?


Susan said...

I let my boy take his car to campus for 2 days...and the look on his fase when I went to get it.... (not pretty)... I'm not a fan of getting parking tickets in the mail!!! NO, you are NOT mean...and BTW - she looks adorable as ever in this picture - Our house is back to being quiet... mixed feelings...

Ronda said...

She does look adorable! Very pretty. The boys aren't too bad either!
NO--you are not mean! I don't know what it is like at her school, but at Penn State Amy got around just fine! They will find away. Either walk, a ride, bus, or cab for her.
Have a stress-free weekend!

The Preppy Princess said...

So glad she is on her way back, and no, we do not think you are mean. But then, we're not the same generation as your darling girl, so the opinion is a bit tainted!

Sending you a smile,