Monday, January 11, 2010

Old school Danskos

Although I consider myself to be a sporty, traditional type of gal, preppy really, I still have a part of me that is very 1970's. We call it Boho now.
Then it was called hippie.
Not like Woodstock folks!
Heck, I lived in the upper-middle class suburbs of NJ.
No, I mean as in long hair parted in the middle, Indian shirts and skirts, and clogs.
(I promise to dig out a picture in the near future to illustrate what I mean.)

Danskos trancend time and style, because I'm still wearing them.


Susan said...

I have the exact same Danskos. Can't live without them. Danskos might just be my prized posession. Can you take your shoes with you when you die?

Frau said...

Love my clogs!

Caffeine Court said...

I just threw my old pair out and I miss them!