Thursday, January 21, 2010

On Broadway....

Saw this tonight.
It was good.
Not Wicked good, or Jersey Boys good.
Not standing ovation good.
Just plain good. Glad we went.
Can't get the songs Maria or I feel pretty... out of my head.
And that's not a bad thing.


Frau said...

Sounds like fun...did you and Kevin go? Hee Hee!
It's was nice finally catching yesterday.

Suburban Princess said...

WSS is the first musical I knew of. My parents had the LP in their collection!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I did not see Jersey Boys but can agree with you that it's not Wicked good. :-)

Susan said...

I saw it a few weeks ago too... I LOVED it, I've seen this show on Bway before, I stage managed it in summer stock, and college - and I've seen it with regional theatre, high school theatre and ... I'll NEVER turn down the chance to see it... truly one of my all time favorite shows... guess who saw it with me a few weeks ago - NO ONE, I went alone... no one wanted to see it again! I was very happy...and left feeling oh so "cool"!
PS...this version did NOT have anything "original" enough, standard and safe... still OK in my book... I'm a theatre major, I saw MOST of Bway alone, I knew ushers in many theatre's who recognized me and let me stand in the back... a BIG part of my life I hardly talk about... no one shares my interest in my family... that's OK... it does not make me love it any less!!! (are you sorry you posted this...I'm late in reading old posts, I guess)! LOL