Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just when I thought it was safe...

Apparently, denim shirts are back in!
Katie Holmes thinks so.
Kate Bosworth thinks so.
J Crew knows it's true.
And I get it. I mean this gal looks casual, yet put together.
Unfortunately, my image of denim shirts the last few years are more of this type.
or possibly this type.
Of course, this old guy makes denim work in a timeless way.
However this is the type denim I use to wear and just... finally, got rid of.
I don't know if I can do it again.
Unless I move to a ranch.


Susan said...

Oh I'm in on this one. I was just thinking of all the wonderful inventions that America has come up with that denim has to be one of the best. I live in my denim jacket. However....mine is more of a fashion-type thing. I wear it to church too. Is that a bad thing? You know..with a crisp white shirt, beautiful jewelry, suede swing skirt and boots, or khaki skirt and sandals....I don't know I think it's sort of classic.

Ronda said...

I Like the J Crew denim shirt, and Clint looks great! I have a denim jacket from J Crew and I love it. It is just a classic jean jacket, like the old Levi's.

Suburban Princess said...

I think if you find the right shirt in the right colour with the right cut you will love it! I have a cute denim shirt I have had for a number of years and it fits perfectly in all the right places and does not make me look like a cowgirl!

Jillian, Inc said...

I bought a denim tunic at Gap a week or so ago and loved it in the dressing room. Now that I have it at home with tags removed....not so sure.

suburban prep said...

I had one that I hated to give up. It felt so comforting to put it on when I wore it.
I haven't had one in a few yrs now. Perhaps it is time I go look for a new comfortable one.

OHN said...

Denim is my best friend. I love a denim shirt with a turtle neck or long sleeved T underneath.

I even had one of my mom's furs (yes, she was one of THOSE women back in the day that wore furs) taken apart and put on my denim jacket for a collar, and cuffs. I get TONS of compliments.

No to mention that my boys have passed jeans around like crazy.