Monday, January 4, 2010

NEW Bungalow Scout Bag designs for 2010

Bungalow Scout bags, 2010
I am so stinking excited!
I love the new Bungalow Scout bag designs.
I was nervous when I heard they were discontinuing the toiles,
really nervous.
My preppy crowd luvs them toiles.
But guess what?
I think there is enough pink and green and everything in between to keep my customers happy.
Click on images to see bigger.
The 4 boys bag is a big seller for me. Think... high end flea market bag. I believe these new designs will be great for beach, boat and barn- college girls too!
As for the Bagette, I already get so much attention at the grocery store whenever I whip out my Bagettes...
These new designs have something for everyone.
Hey kids don't forget,
You saw it here first!


Pink Martini said...

Oh boy! :)

Ronda said...

Love those bags, and your other blog!! Still waiting for your website too! Hope your having a nice New Year so far. Have a wonderful week too!

Susan said... where can we get these?