Monday, January 25, 2010

photoshop-cheaper than a facelift!

Although I feel as though I've earned every line on my face...
It is cool to see a "smoother" version of myself.

The real me. Wrinkles and all.
Is it obvious that it is a rainy, dark Monday and that I am avoiding paying bill, making phone calls, cleaning, getting dressed, ( yes, I AM still in my pajamas!), organizing my storeroom, or returning emails?

Is that a resounding YES I hear?


Pink Martini said...

You're beautiful just the way you are! :) xoxo

How did you do that on PS? I am thinking of getting the program since I'd like to play around with photography and I love seeing what so many bloggers are doing with those skill sets. Is it hard to learn?

Marla said...

when my husband showed me how to even out my skin tone (aka remove zits) with photoshop, I was in heaven!

Susan said...

Where exactly can I find that photoshop thing? Will it shave 20 pounds off and make me look like Jennifer Aniston too? I'm in. I'm still in my PJs too....I'm waiting for the laundy to dry, so I have clean underwear to wear.

OHN said...

I earned my lines too, but it would be great to have a picture of me without them for the kids to remember me by some day. They think I was born old and wrinkled.